Carolyn Morwood

Carolyn Morwood


Carolyn Morwood, photographer
Flower Seller, Flinders Street, digital print
Lake Wendouree, Ballarat, digital print
Newcastle Children’s Pool, Sunrise, digital print

I have always loved the look of a photo, from the moody evocative images on film to today’s manipulated, digital imagery.

The magic of photography

From my first camera, used to capture memories and moments, to today’s world of sophisticated eclectic photography, I’ve have been constantly enthralled by the magic of photography.

My other love has been writing.  I am the author of six crime fiction novels. Apart from the death and detection strands, which are the backbone of crime fiction, my imagery is often to do with how light falls.   Any photographer’s reason for being. 

The process

Capturing the play of light on a landscape over time offers many versions of that landscape. Post-processing works in much the same way.

Increasingly I use Lightroom or Photoshop to manipulate the captured image. This opens another new arena of possibility and magic.

Where I get my inspiration

I am lucky enough to live by the sea and a lake, where light and shadow and reflection are in in constant play.  Most of my images are captured at dawn or dusk – the ‘golden hours’ for photographers. 

I have exhibited at galleries in Altona and Williamstown and won awards at two district art shows.