Deidre Ogilvie

Deidre Ogilvie


Hands of Time, 40x50cm. Oil on canvas
Teddy Bears Picnic, 60x90cm. Oil on canvas
Melbourne by the Yarra, 90x60cm. Oil on canvas
Sunset over the Bay, 60x90cm. Oil on canvas

I have undertaken a number of artistic endeavours over the years, but have concentrated on painting in the last 15 years. Choosing mentoring over formal art education, I started with a course at Swinburne and then moved on to a group at Albert Park.

For the last 10 years I have worked with a mentor, John Lawry. He has a group that ranges from beginners and students preparing for final year folios, to professional artists preparing for exhibitions.

Working in a range of mediums

I work mainly in oils, watercolours and acrylics. but have been exploring mixed media and alcohol ink. In addition to exploring colours and textures, I like experimenting with different techniques and merging these to create original pieces of art.

Living in the UK for several years, I worked with a watercolourist in the north of England. I soon learned that it has its own joys.

The subjects I paint

My subjects are influenced by my travels and the photographs that I have taken. I like recreating some of my favourite scenes. I have done several commissions of paintings for children’s bedrooms. For these I use images of their favourite things, referencing time and the place of their birth.

Painting means always learning

With each new painting I learn more of the excitement that comes from creating something special, with tonal values, colours, composition and light. I enjoy the challenge of solving a visual problem. My aim is to create something special that I hope gives pleasure to someone else.

Valuing creative endeavours

Creative endeavours, like playing music or making pictures, do something to the brain. They open a kind of peacefulness that is hard to find in any other way. I use colours, lines and other elements to create feelings, such as happiness or anger.

By capturing moments in time, I hope to provide the viewer with food for thought. I like to think my paintings create a feeling of reverence and comfort that others can take in and absorb by just sitting and looking.  

Working with the arts community

At present, I am an art group facilitator at the Mary Keogh Centre, Albert Park. I also belong to a group of creative artists that exhibit regularly in and around Melbourne.