Luna Cameron-Parrish

Luna Cameron-Parrish (Amethyst Moon)


Luna Cameron-Parrish, working as Amethyst Moon

Feed Your Head, 38x51x51cm. Ceramic, polymer clay, glass, wood, metal, found objects
In the Heart of the Garden Lies the Garden of My Heart, 37x36cm. Ceramic, polymer clay, metal, beads, found objects
Que?, 34x32x12cm. Unglazed ceramic over hand-formed metal base

I loved art as a child but did not pursue it seriously until I was well into adulthood. Starting with drawing and painting classes in the late nineties, my new career in art really began when I headed back to school in 2004 and explored other mediums.

I especially loved sculpture techniques and mixed media. After completing an advanced diploma in Art and Creativity, I moved to Australia and set myself up as Amethyst Moon.

A love for mosaics

When I learned the basics of mosaic making in my art school days, I became hooked. However, I had limited knowledge of the long and rich tradition of this amazing medium.

In 2008, a trip to Italy enabled me to study ancient techniques and to see both traditional and contemporary mosaics. Since then I have explored making mosaics in many forms – murals, furniture, garden pieces, sculpture, wall art; both practical and fine art works.

As well as the traditional materials of smalti, marble and stone I have enjoyed working with ceramics, glass, found objects and now polymer clay. My work is a mixture of mosaic, assemblage and sculpture techniques – you could call it mixed media mosemblage!

What inspires me

I am an artist of the imagination rather than one who tries to capture the world around me. Anything that is quirky, weird, irreverent and/or kitsch appeals to me.

I love words and language so am constantly inspired by poetry, song lyrics, stories, myths and legends. I especially enjoy anything nonsensical or satirical. A lot of my work has many elements and layers to it, both in materials and meaning.

Getting serious

Occasionally, because we all do have a serious side, I like to make work that is more contemplative and subdued. These pieces often consist of a more limited colour palette and are materials-based rather than conceptual.

It’s important to me to be able to express different things with my art, since these are all parts of my personality and it’s impossible for me to favour one side over another. Variety is the spice of life after all!