Nancy D Lane

Nancy D Lane (NancyDee Sculptures)


Nancy D Lane, working as NancyDee Sculptures
Brooches, most less than 5x5cm. Made from found objects, including tiles, stones, screws, nails and wire
City Skyline 2, 10x12cm. Found object assemblage, created from tile, pieces of metal and battery
Tsunami 1, 22x49x50cm. Found object assemblage, created from bent steel plate, bolts, street cleaner bristles and rusted wire

I am a found object assemblage artist – or as my daughter calls me, a trash collector and gluer. I create brooches, wall sculptures and 3D artworks from the metal, wood, tiles and plastic I find on the streets and beaches of Melbourne and other cities where I have worked and travelled.

My art background has been eclectic, including training in painting, weaving, ceramics and jewellery design. My current passion for assemblage sculpture started more than seven years ago. Now I hunt and gather whenever I go walking.

Addicted to found objects

I am hooked on using found objects for creating art. Using only the materials others have lost or discarded is both a challenge and a joy.

I also enjoy the constraints imposed by a limited palette. Occasionally I find coloured tiles or painted boards, but mostly I work with silver, black, woodgrain and rust colours.

Experimenting as I go

I start each of my works by experimenting – laying out a selection of found objects. Over several days or weeks, I rearrange and change them to observe the effect in different light and from different angles. I often try to emphasise the rusted, scratched or variegated surfaces of the objects. Only when I feel satisfied with the aesthetics of a work do I glue the pieces down.

Where I get my inspiration

My works are sometimes inspired by the uniqueness of a particular piece of plastic or metal that I find. It may get converted into an animal, a person or an abstract design.

At other times, my inspiration is the Melbourne skyline. I love making cityscapes in different sizes, from different vantage points and perspectives. No matter how many I’ve made, no two have ever been the same. Each relies on the unique pieces of trash I have on hand at the time.

Commitment to sustainability

I have a strong interest in environmental conservation and am committed to sustainability in my arts practice. I hope that my creative use of unloved and unwanted trash will inspire people to think more seriously about the environment. May my works serve as a reminder of the 5Rs: refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle.