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Renew Geelong

Renew Geelong

Creativity Cluster held its first collaborative art exhibition at the Renew Geelong Concept Space in the Market Square Shopping Centre. The exhibition and art activities program ran from 16 February – 15 March 2019.

The Creativity Cluster group name was also the theme of the exhibition. Each of the nine artists addressed this theme in her own way. Some artists interpreted the theme as traditional clusters of fruit, flowers or birds. Others were less conventional – from clusters of mythic Irish abstractions to clusters of street trash transformed into cityscapes.

Our first exhibition was held at the Renew Geelong Concept Space
Activities galore

We offered a wide program of events and activities. They included the exhibition launch, artists’ talks, tours, workshops, seminars and pop-up art activities. All were aimed especially at the Geelong community, and took place in the Market Square Shopping Centre. Most were free or low cost.

Geelong community support

The Creativity Cluster exhibition and activities were part of Renew Geelong. This program is supported by Renew Australia and Up Property. Renew Geelong also receives funding from Creative Victoria and the City of Greater Geelong.

Up Property provides the space for the incubation of small creative projects on a temporary basis. This results in commercial properties being activated while they are vacant. They therefore become more appealing and inviting to potential lessees.  

Announcement of the exhibition in Art Almanac
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