Workshops on offer

Creativity Cluster enjoys bringing art to the community. In particular, we regularly hold workshops and classes in conjunction with our exhibitions. In addition, we give artist talks and interviews, and demonstrate our techniques for the public.

We offer workshops in many types of art, as well as arts practice. Please contact us if you would like us to run one of our workshops for your organisation. Please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Art-based workshops

Introduction to Alcohol Ink with Deidre Ogilvie

Deidre has developed this class to introduce participants to the magic of alcohol ink. It is very much ‘hands-on’. She has designed the materials and instruction to inspire participants to experiment with this medium, Everyone comes away with their own masterpiece.

Get Started in Acrylics with Pat Duncan

A ‘come and try’ painting workshop for total beginners. Participants each paint a picture using acrylic paints. Pat encourages everyone to bring along a personal or magazine photo of something they would like to paint. The workshop covers all materials, including an 8” x 10” canvas. Although not bit, it is a good size for framing. Participants also receive a list of materials they will need if they want to continue painting at home.

Found Object Assemblage with Nancy D Lane

Create a work of art from objects, such as nails, bolts, bobby pins, plastic lids or drinking straws, found on the city’s streets and beaches. Nancy guides participants in designing a miniature cityscape, abstract or geometric pattern, then carefully gluing it to a backing board or tile. Participants can bring their own found objects (preferably pre-washed), or choose from Nancy’s large collection. A great activity for Clean Up Australia Day.

Mixed Media Mosaics with Luna Cameron-Parrish

Create a small, ungrouted mosaic using a variety of mixed materials and found objects. The focus of Luna’s workshop is fun, innovation and spontaneity! Materials supplied, but participants should bring any small found objects they would like to incorporate, an apron or old shirt (it might get messy) and a sense of fun!

Make Your Own Mandala with Pat Duncan

Discover the artistic possibilities of drawing mandalas and use your creativity to design your own. In this workshop, participants each complete at least one small mandala and start on a larger one to complete at home. Bring a folder to keep your completed mandalas flat on the way home.

Fabric and Stitch Collage with Lindsay Hussey

In this workshop requiring two sessions, participants make a small, brightly coloured collage using fabric and simple stitching. All materials and equipment are provided. As part of the workshop, Lindsay explains her concepts and technique, shows some of her works in progress, and answers questions. Whether participants already enjoy hand needlework or are absolute beginners, they can still enjoy and gain much from this class. Participants’ finished collages are ready to take home and hang on their wall after two sessions.

Arts Practice Workshops

Creative Practice Workshop with Penny Sharples

This workshop targets adults in pursuit of creative endeavors wishing to review or improve their practice. It is a combination of information sharing, interactive exercises and reflections to understand the actions required to create a sustainable creative practice.

Instagram for Artists with Nancy D Lane

In this introductory workshop, Nancy covers the basics of Instagram – following others to decide on and develop your own style; content, types of photos, timing and approach for posting; using stories effectively; and communicating with followers.

Get in touch

Creativity Cluster artists would be pleased to discuss the possibility of running workshops or giving talks to your group. If you are interested, please contact the facilitator, Nancy Lane, using the form below.

    Deidre Ogilvie explains work she has done with alcohol ink on tile

    Pat Duncan with an acrylic painting in progress for her workshop
    Nancy D Lane puts up posters for her Clean Up Australia Day found object workshop
    Luna Cameron-Parrish talks about various types of mosaics at her workshop
    Pat Duncan (right) and one of the participants in her mandala workshop

    Lindsay Hussey with materials for her Fabric and Stitch Collage workshop
    Penny Sharples demonstrates at her Creative Practice workshop
    Nancy Lane explains various techniques for improving engagement in her Instagram workshop
    Mardie Whitla gives an artist talk about her handbuilt ceramic techniques